Home Health Services

Elite Care at Home, Inc. delivers intermittent healthcare services/visits directly to the homes of our patients as ordered by their doctor . These services are reimbursed primarily through Medicare. The types of services that Elite Care at Home provides include: skilled nursing, therapeutic services (such as physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy), social work and home health aide services.

We begin by reviewing your needs through discussions with you and involved family members, social workers, hospitals, or nursing home staff. It is then necessary to consult with your physician(s) for orders to coordinate all services

Next, working in conjunction with the family, we develop an individualized program to manage your clinical needs.

Services Offered Include:
Skilled Nursing
Elite Care at Home Skilled Nursing provides nursing care treatment and instructions to the patient and family, coordinating with all others involved in the patient’s care. The services can include but not limited to: Treatment & injections, dressing change, catheter care, supervision of medications, family/patient health teaching & counseling, diabetic teaching, care of terminally ill and wound care.
Home Health Aides
Certified Home Health Aids assist the patient with activates of daily living such as bathing, and personal hygiene, preparing and serving meals, light housekeeping, assisting with home exercise program, observing and reporting changes in patient’s condition and needs.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy in the home helps restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease. PTs examine patients’ medical histories and then test such measures as the patients’ strength, range of motion, and balance and coordination. PTs develop treatment plans describing a treatment strategy, its purpose, and its anticipated outcome.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists (OTs) help people improve their ability to perform tasks of daily living. OTs may prescribe physical exercises or other activities to improve function. For example, a client with short-term memory loss might be encouraged to make lists to aid recall, and a person with a coordination problems might be assigned exercises to improve hand-eye coordination.
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists (ST) assess, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, fluency, and other related disorders. Speech therapists also work with people who have difficulty swallowing.
Medical Social Workers
Social Workers help people function the best way they can in their environment, deal with their relationships, and solve personal and family problems. Social workers often see clients who face life-threatening diseases or social problems. These problems may include inadequate housing, unemployment, serious illness, disability, or substance abuse. Social workers also assist families that have serious domestic conflicts, including those involving elder abuse.