Guidelines for Providing Personal Care

Guidelines for Providing Personal Care: Test

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Guidelines for Providing Personal Care: Test

1. Use only: (choose one)
A. Hot WaterB. Cold WaterC. Wash, Rinse, and Soak dentures
2. Follow these steps and techniques when shaving a man's face (select two):
3. Water temperature for personal care (showering, bathing, shampooing) should be between degrees and degrees.
4. Before washing a resident's hair, the hair should be
5. A partial bath means:
6. You are assisting a resident with a shower. Put the following procedures in the correct order by placing the numbers 1-7 in front of the appropriate procedure.
Help the resident undress and get into the shower
Get the shower water to the right temperature
Assemble equipment and clean the floor of the shower
Clean the shower
Let the resident wash, then wash any areas he or she can't reach
Put a rubber mat on the shower floor and a bath math in front of the shower
Help the resident out of the shower and assist with drying and dressing
7. When assisting with dressing or undressing the:
should be dressed and undressed first.
8. The correct procedure for assisting a resident in removing pants is:
A. Have the resident stand up while you pull the pants down and he steps out of themB. Have the resident to lie down and push his hips off the bed with his feet while you pull the pants offC. Pull the pants off the bottom of one leg while the resident stand on the other leg
9. Write three rules to remember when providing personal care:

resident out of the shower and assist with drying and dressing

1. Respect dignity, and choices.
2. Observe and report problems..
3. Maintain safety and

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