Range of Motion and Positioning Test

Range of Motion and Positioning Test

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Range of Motion and Positioning Test

1. Name three health problems that can occur because of lack of activity and exercise

Progressive loss of muscle mass occurs at and average rate of percent
per decade from 25 to 50 years and percent per decade thereafter
3. Older persons' muscles, joints, and ligaments are more prone to injury
4. Research confirms that regular exercise can slow or reverse many changes associated with the age-related loss of strength, endurance and flexibility
exercises are used to keep joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons loose and flexible
6. Even a small change in muscle size can make a difference in strength
benefits people of all ages
8. Regular exercise, even in short sessions several times a week, can help offset a variety of health problems
When confined to bed, clients should change positions at least every hours
10. Daily activities move joins through their full range of motion

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