Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain Test

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Understanding Pain Test

1. This kind of pain is severe and goes away when the underlying problem is cured
2. This is nonverbal sign of pain that should be reported to a nurse of doctor
3. This is common type of chronic pain
4. This can be helpful treatment for back pain, headaches, and arthritis.
5. This kind of pain is persistent and ongoing and sometimes occurs without a know cause
6. We should always believe what a resident tells us about his or her pain
7. Warm or cold compresses aren't helpful in relieving pain
8. Confused people and the elderly have a higher pain tolerance
9. Nothing can be done to relieve certain types of pain
10. Elderly and disabled people are likely to get addicted to painkillers
11. You should never massage a painful body part that is red or swollen
12. Any time a resident complains of pain, it should be reported to your supervisor
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13. Pain is called the vital sign because we should ask about pain when we are checking people's health status. It should be a part of checking the other four vital signs.

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